Sermon Scripture Study and The Book of First Corinthians

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Scripture Discussion - Sundays at 8:00 am

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Adult Sunday School Zoom Class - Sundays at 11:00 am

A Study of First Corinthians 

Led by Diane Chen

Put together a group of people of different racial, socioeconomic, educational, cultural, and political backgrounds, who all claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, and you have two possibilities—either a wonderful display of unity in the midst of diversity, or a relational mess of bickering, competition, and cliquishness. The Corinthian church may appear more like the latter than the former, but on closer reading, we, too, may discover that we harbor some problematic attitudes as well! May our study activate some honest soul-searching, leaving us open to God’s corrective encouragement through Paul’s exhortation to a church, while far from perfect, that he founded and loved.

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Publication Date: 
December 21, 2020

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